Welcome to Tiger & Sam

News: Sam at the Danish Poodle Club Show in Fredericia Denmark April 24th 2022

Sine Cera Gagarin aka Tiger & Stora Bergas Lilla Sam aka Sam. 

My name is Maria Wiener. I live together with my husband and our two dogs in the south part of Sweden in Malmö.

At present we have one solid black medium sized poodle, Tiger, and one dwarf parti color poodle, Sam. Sam is also an avialabe stud dog for suitable females.

I have been in the poodle world since 1999 i e 23 years now. In the past I have had five solid Standard Poodles. Three black, one gray and one white. In 2004 I had one black, one grey and one white in full showcoat.

My main interest is in Dog Shows and I have been to quite many of them. At the most we had four poodles in our house. From 2016 I have limited  the number of dogs to two. I am a memeber of the Danish Poodle Club (DPK) and the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). 

My only stud dog at the moment is Stora Bergas Lilla Sam a k Sam.

If you are interested to use him for stud please contact me by email or by 


Member of: The Swedish Kennel Club

Member of: The Danish Poodle Club

Member of: The Multicolor Poodle Club Sweden

Member of: Danske Hundeejeres Landsforening